Climbing the Holy Arunachala

Climbing the Holy Arunachala

Climbing Arunachala allows you to feel cosmic consciousness. Place of intense spiritual practices for thousands of years with its powerful caves, where seers and sages have meditated. Considered the center of the Universe. Each rock is regarded as a lingam. The scenery from every angle is breathtaking. You get to be “peeled” to your core and experience the essence of who you are, without any dressing, simple, silent…just you, the Self. Arunachalam makes this exploration an unforgettable experience.

“What cannot be acquired without great pains – the true import of Vedanta (Self-Realization) – can be attained by anyone who looks at this hill from where it is visible or even mentally thinks of it from afar.”

Arunachala Mahatmyam (Skanda Purana)

Private and group tours are available. Please contact us with number of participants, desired tours, and dates.